Apple today unveiled the most advanced and powerful chip they have ever made, the M2 Ultra, as part of the M2 family. With its state-of-the-art second-generation 5-nanometer process, the M2 Ultra SoC contains 134 billion semiconductors, 20 billion more than the M1 Ultra, and makes the new Macintosh Studio and Macintosh Star the most powerful Macintosh desktops ever created. It boasts a unified memory architecture that supports up to 192GB of memory capacity, 50% more than M1 Ultra, with 800GB/s of memory bandwidth, twice that of M2 Max. It also features a faster central processor that is 20% faster than M1 Ultra, a larger GPU that is 30% faster, and a Brain Motor that is 40% faster. In addition, its media engine has two times the capabilities of M2 Max for stunning ProRes speed boost.
Johny Srouji, Apple’s Senior Vice President of Hardware Technologies, declared that the M2 Ultra chip “delivers remarkable performance and capabilities for our pro users’ most demanding workflows, while maintaining Apple silicon’s industry-leading power efficiency.” The M2 Ultra is certainly the world’s most powerful chip ever made for a PC, and with its faster computer chip and GPU, as well as support for more unified memory, it takes Macintosh performance to an unprecedented level once again.

Industry-Leading UltraFusion Technology

The 76-core GPU delivers up to a 30 percent improvement over the incredibly powerful GPU of M1 Ultra.

The M2 Ultra has been engineered through the use of two M2 Max processors connected by UltraFusion, Apple’s state-of-the-art, proprietary bundling technology.

UltraFusion leverages a silicon interposer that links the processors together, providing more than 2.5TB/s of low-latency interprocessor bandwidth.

UltraFusion’s architecture enables M2 Ultra to appear as a single chip to software, eliminating the need to revise code in order to reap the maximum performance from M2 Ultra, making UltraFusion unique from all other industry options.

Unparalleled Performance and Power Efficiency

M2 Ultra’s 24-core computer chip consists of 16 next-gen, high-performance cores and eight advanced, high-efficiency cores, providing up to 20% more speed than M1 Ultra. With M2 Ultra powering Mac Studio, colorists using DaVinci Resolve will witness a 50% boost in video processing when compared to Mac Studio with M1 Ultra.2.

The GPU can be equipped with 60 or 76 cores, boasting an additional 12 cores and an enhancement of up to 30% more power than the exceptionally powerful GPU of M1 Ultra. Rendering 3D effects using Octane on Mac Studio with M2 Ultra leads to 3x faster performance than Mac Studio with M1 Ultra.2.

Game-Changing Unified Memory Architecture

Apple’s revolutionary memory engineering, a characteristic of their silicon technology, provides incredibly high data transfer speeds, negligible latency, and unparalleled energy efficiency. M2 Ultra can handle up to 800GB/s of system memory bandwidth, far greater than anything available on PCs. Additionally, its large 192GB unified memory makes tasks unfeasible on a PC, such as powerful AI processes, a reality. Even the most advanced discrete GPU would not be able to complete these jobs as effectively as M2 Ultra.

Advanced Custom Technologies Supercharge Machine Learning, Video, and More

M2 Ultra harnesses the latest Apple custom technology built into the chip, enabling increased performance and efficiency. This powerhouse comes with a 32-core Brain Motor capable of performing 31.6 trillion tasks per second, resulting in a 40% faster performance than M1 Ultra.

The upgraded media motor is two times more capable than M2 Max, allowing it to speed up video processing. Additionally, M2 Ultra is designed with hardware-accelerated H.264, HEVC, and ProRes encoding and decoding, which makes it capable of playing back up to 22 streams of 8K ProRes 422 video, far exceeding what most PC chips can handle.
The graphics engine also supports up to six Pro Display XDRs driving more than 100 million pixels. Moreover, the integrated Secure Enclave alongside hardware-verified secure boot and runtime anti-tampering technology, offers unbeatable security.

Better for the Environment

M2 Ultra is an efficient option that provides the most demanding users with abundant opportunities, all while preserving ecological accountability. Currently, Apple has balanced its carbon emissions through corporate operations around the globe. With a goal of attaining net-zero environmental impact over the entire business-including product design, production, and supply chains-by 2030, each chip produced by Apple will be 100% carbon-neutral.

Mac Transition to Apple Silicon Now Complete

By integrating the M2 Ultra into the updated Macintosh Expert, the switch from Mac hardware to Mac silicon has been finalized, bringing an innovative transformation to computer and desktop technology. Apple silicon is paving the way for a revolutionary era of the Macintosh platform.

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