In recent years, the automobile market has witnessed an unprecedented revolution. The shift to electric vehicles is accelerating. In September, the share of 100% electric vehicles in France approached 20%, and this number is still increasing. With its new features, big screen and connectivity, it’s easy to imagine this electric car designed for young tech enthusiasts. However, electric cars have many benefits for seniors.

When you drive a thermal, petrol or diesel car, buying a “connected” car can be a scary prospect in your life. A completely redesigned electric car can be intimidating to someone who has never driven an electric car. However, they are generally easier to drive and are often more suitable for retirees or seniors.

Is it easy to drive?

From a certain age, drivers prioritize driving comfort, but also simplicity. This is the first argument in favor of electric cars. These vehicles have no gearbox or gear lever and come with accelerator and brake pedals, making them very easy to operate. Enough to make driving easy for everyone while giving your left leg a rest.

These vehicles are equipped with driving aids and are generally safer in daily life. A lane departure warning system will correct the lane, while emergency braking can prevent a collision from behind a vehicle that stops suddenly. But these are not the only arguments in favor of electric mobility for seniors.

Electricity to adapt to the lifestyle of the elderly.

If the average French driver travels 13,001 kilometers per year, most advanced drivers travel between 5,001 and 10,001 kilometers per year. They use fewer kilometers and are less concerned with long-distance travel and its restrictions. People over the age of 59 are also the most French people to live in detached homes.

The good news: They will be able to charge their cars directly at home using a simple socket, with priority given to off-peak times. The price of fully charging an electric car is around 0.1827 EUR/kWh, with prices ranging from 6 to 11 EUR, which are unbeatable!

Peaceful journey:

Using electricity also means exploring the world of silence. Electric cars are quieter than petrol or diesel vehicles, and are less tiring, especially on long trips.

We know that noise is one of the main sources of fatigue in a car. Electric cars are equipped with adjustable motor brakes which eliminate the need for conventional brakes.

We quickly fell into the game of anticipation and gradual deceleration, enhanced energy conservation, smooth driving, anticipation and driving pleasure.

Electric, which model to choose?

The Dacia Sebring, the cheapest electric car on the market, is a success. Compact while still practical and easy to use, it’s not luxurious but is suitable for city use or short trips. When you discount the €15,184 bonus, it’s a good deal, as long as you replace the original tires, which are dangerous and inappropriate for a modern car.

For just €24,990 after bonuses, the Chinese MG4, a hit in France, gets you a fully comfortable compact car.

Starting at €25,400, we focus on style with a modern redesign of the legendary Fiat 500, available in an electric version. It’s fun to drive, and its face is irreplaceable.

The latest Renault Megane E-Tech is very successful as a model in the compact segment. Superb road control, royal comfort, modernity, it has everything to please except its price, which starts at 33,000 euros for its base version.

For €34,990, the Skoda Enyaq iV lets you take your grandchildren on holiday in a stylish SUV packed with Volkswagen technology.

The Tesla Model Y, priced at 40,990 euros, is the best-selling model and offers many advantages.

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