Having regained access to Twitter and Facebook, platforms now face a difficult decision about how much they’re willing to accept. On his new platform Truth Social, Donald Trump expressed his fear of being arrested, and claimed it could lead to “potential death & destruction”. Additionally, this could also result in Trump steering his followers towards more laxly moderated sites like Truth Social and Rumble. This week, he published a message on the Truth Social messaging platform similar to those from his presidency, which got him banned from the three platforms. Here, he alluded to a possible indictment and associated consequences such as the “potential death & destruction” that may occur. These comments were made in light of the hush money probe being headed by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg.

Following the Capitol attack that transpired more than two years ago, the prominent social media networks in the United States had to ban Donald Trump because of his aggressive language and the possibility of further chaotic events if he continued on the networks. But recently, these same social media platforms allowed Trump to return. In the eleventh month of 2020, the new proprietor of Twitter, Elon Musk, questioned his followers to identify their stances on the topic. On the tweet, Musk declared, “The people have spoken. Trump will be reinstated.” In the past, Musk had disapproved of the ban in a conference held in May when he mentioned that “banning Donald Trump wasn’t appropriate” since permanent bans are only supposed to be used on accounts owned by bots, spammers, and scammers. Meta also revealed in January that Trump would be returning to Facebook and Instagram. Nick Clegg, president of global affairs, said in a blog post that people should “hear what their politicians have to say – both the good and the bad – so they can make wise choices in the polls.” Recently, YouTube declared that Trump could once again upload videos to the platform.
Going forward, what standards must President Trump adhere to? The former President has not been active on the leading social media platforms, rather he chose to share his opinions on Truth Social where he alleged that Democrats are “INTERFERING IN OUR ELECTIONS, THEIR NEW FORM OF CHEATING!!” The organizations that banned Trump have reasons to doubt he will behave differently on his new social media platforms. An Accountable Tech report stated that more than 350 posts from Trump break Facebook’s safety regulations. Free Press, a media and tech advocacy group, wrote a letter to Meta prior to the restoration of Trump’s account asking for a permanent ban since “the risk of violence hasn’t lessened” since the insurrection. Meta responded by stating that the “risk to public safety has declined” and set new regulations to prevent repeat incidents, such as reducing the reach of his posts and not allowing sharing. Yet, Jessica González, co-CEO of Free Press, argued that the rules are too weak and they don’t prevent Trump from attempting to “incite people” on Truth Social, the same thing he did before January 6.
Meta has not addressed any comments on the posts made by Trump on Truth Social and just referred back to its initial statement. Twitter’s response to questions regarding the issue was a poop emoji from Elon Musk. YouTube did not give a statement, but Leslie Miller, vice president of public policy in Google’s video unit, said the channel will remain subject to the platform’s policies as everyone else. The only regulation that Truth Social has set for Trump is that he needs to post six hours prior to any competing social network. This agreement will expire in June and Free Press stated that they will observe if the networks will really stick to the restrictions they made.

The dangers presented by Trump’s online entertainment propensities are more noteworthy now that Musk is in charge of Twitter, Carusone said.

“Twitter was normally the first out of the door to make a strategy change” in regards to content and disinformation, Carusone said. Under Musk, Twitter “will presently not be a vanguard for tending to disinformation or radicalism,” he said.

Musk has said that he’s just running Twitter as Chief briefly and that he desires to choose a replacement before the current year’s over. As the 2024 races close, it’s muddled on the off chance that some other interpersonal organization will expect an influential position with respect to strategy matters.

González says it’s inevitable before Trump’s incendiary posts make migraines for the significant informal communities.

“The more cornered he feels and the more his power and his opportunity are under danger, the more we will see him suddenly erupt,” González said. “He’s demonstrated that he will have no limitation.”

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