MIAMI – Lionel Messi has astounded everyone yet again with his latest remarkable feat – he is now part of the Major League Soccer, signing up with Inter Miami.
This has been the talk of the town for months if not years and now it has finally come to pass as Messi announced his decision in interview. Prior to that, Jorge Mas, one of the Inter Miami owners, posted a photograph of an unidentified Messi jersey.

Most believed he would make his way to Saudi Arabia, where Al-Hilal plays and Cristiano Ronaldo has gone to, and with the government providing support for the clubs.

Messi also had the option of going back to Barcelona to the team that he spent most of his career life.

However, Messi surprised us all by going to MLS instead. He stated that while a few matters need to be addressed, his decision is final – he will be going to Miami to “continue his path”.

“I couldn’t return to Barcelona after winning the World Cup,” Messi revealed, “so this was my chance to experience football in a new environment”.

Messi is already seven times winner of the prestigious Ballon d’ Or award for best player in the world and he capped it off by taking Argentina to the World Cup victory last December.

His 800 plus career goals for both club and country make him a formidable contender as one of the most talented scorers in the history. With Argentina, Messi has scored 102 goals against 38 different national teams, 16 of which were made on US soil.

He has come a long way. And now, as he makes his way to MLS, Inter Miami awaits – currently in the last spot of the Eastern Conference and having recently fired coach Phil Neville (whom David Beckham chose).

This may just be the biggest breakthrough in American soccer history. Although great names such as Pele, Thierry Henry, and David Beckham himself have come to the US near the end of their careers, getting a player as renowned and skillful as Messi who has only recently won a World Cup is extraordinary.

It has been a long journey to get here – MLS, Inter Miami’s ownership, Adidas, and even Apple have been involved in the negotiations, with the latter being an MLS broadcast partner and having also released a documentary series titled ‘Lionel Messi: A Definitive Story of His Remarkable Career’. It follows Messi on his mission for a defining World Cup victory.

Hence, it can be said that after years of anticipation, Messi is finally joining Inter Miami, and the whole nation of football lovers awaits in anticipation for the start of a new era of US soccer.

It has taken Miami a long time to get where they are now and their first four seasons have been far from to perfect.

Messi’s new team sits at the bottom of the Eastern Conference standings had to part ways to with their head coach.

In the two of its first three seasons Miami have managed to make it to the playoffs but it still haven’t managed to end a season to the winning record.

It has been speculated for some time that Miami has been heavily in the running to sign Messi.

It was even made known that Messi and Miami’s co -owner David Beckham met this spring hinting that something significant was to come.

Furthermore, Messi’s family has bought luxury real estate in South Florida and Miami made sure that their fans knew that the only way to get tickets for the end of the season was to purchase a season ticket bundle.

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