Hossein Khosrow Ali Vaziri, more popularly known as the Iron Sheik, was an unforgettable 1980s celebrity and remained relevant long after his days in the wrestling ring because of his highly-followed Twitter channel which had a huge fan base of over 600,000.
Sadly the Iron Sheik has now passed away at the age of 81 according to an announcement posted on his beloved Twitter channel which now has a massive following of 640,000 people.

He was highly-regarded and respected in the world of sports entertainment due to his iconic persona charisma and impeccable in-ring skills which wowed spectators around the globe, according to the statement.

His most famous tweet, which topped his Twitter channel, perfectly summarised his funny, often rude personality: ‘Take a moment of your day to be kind to someone you stupid b-‘.
The Sheik frequently used a funny and scathing language to talk about current events, as seen in his last tweet prior to the post announcing his death, which mentioned the out of control fires in Canada that have caused dark skies in the Northeast US: ‘F the out of control fires.’

WWE released a statement to express its sadness and extend its sympathies to his family, friends, and fans over the death of The Iron Sheik, a member of the WWE Hall of Fame.
He gained notoriety as a funny adversary to the United States during the height of tensions between the two countries during the hostage crisis in Tehran in the 1980s.

Before taking on the role of a professional villain, the Sheik was an avid wrestler competing in his home country of Iran before migrating to America.
The Iron Sheik became the world heavyweight champion in late 1983 by beating Bob Backlund in a highly-controversial result at Madison Square Garden as stated by WWE records.

The title win, however, was surrounded by debate, as Bob’s manager Arnold Skaaland threw in the towel after the former refused to submit to the Iron Sheik, as per the WWE’s narrative.

He held onto the title for a mere month before dropping it to the future superstar, Hulk Hogan, beginning a lifelong rivalry between the two.
The Iron Sheik carried on the theatrical performance for many years, consistently and unfoundedly sending insults at Hogan through his Twitter. Even recently, he wrote, ‘F***k the Hulk Hogan! in the middle of 2021.

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